Spy Announces the Launch of Gemini Snow Goggle Lens Technology

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 25, 2006--Spy is pleased to announce the release of Gemini(TM) snow goggle lens technology, a breakthrough advancement that sets a new standard for snow goggle lens reliability and performance.

Gemini(TM) lens technology was developed to eliminate moisture inside a snow goggle's dual lens system. Spy's patent-pending Gemini(TM) lens technology virtually eliminates the possibility of moisture entering a lens system by creating an airtight and depressurized dual-pane lens system.

This lens system features two lenses that are machine-joined with polyurethane-based glue in a moisture-free chamber, creating not only a consistent seal but an airtight environment between the lenses as well. Prior to Gemini(TM) technology, conventional hand-formed lenses could not ensure an air-tight seal.

In addition to moisture elimination, Spy's Gemini(TM) technology reduces the bubbling or warping effect that may occur when lenses are used in higher altitudes. After the lens is sealed, the air between the lens is carefully calibrated and depressurized to a level consistent with the atmospheric pressure common to 1,500 meters, a common "riding level" altitude in most mountain ranges. Depressurizing the lens to higher virtual altitudes mitigates the fogging, warping, and distortion that can occur with standard foam-gasket lenses. The result is a lens that is nearly impossible to fog, and will not bubble or become distorted by variations in altitude.

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