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Fir Geenen

Fir Geneen has served on the Board since June 2011. Mr. Geenen brings to the Board extensive executive, investment and board of directors experience. Since October 2008, and from 1993 to October 2007, Mr. Geenen has been a principal of Harlingwood Partners, an investment firm of which Mr. Geenen was one of the founding principals. From October 2007 to October 2008, Mr. Geenen was a principal at the investment firm Relational Investors, where he served as a portfolio manager. Prior to founding Harlingwood Partners, Mr. Geenen has served in investment banking, consulting and executive management roles including at Laidlaw Inc. (Executive Vice President, 1992 to 1996), Shepherd Products (Chairman, 1988 to 1989), Nesbitt Burns (Managing Director, 1982 to 1987) and RBC Dominion Securities (Vice President, 1979 to 1982). Mr. Geenen graduated from Brock University in Ontario, Canada in 1977 with a degree in chemistry and biology.